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Seafood / ORE Engagement in Ireland – A Summary Guide

Seafood / ORE Engagement in Ireland – A Summary Guide

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The Seafood / ORE Working Group has just published its Summary Guide for Seafood / ORE Engagement in Ireland. The Working Group, chaired by Captain Robert McCabe, was established in May 2022 to facilitate discussion on matters arising from the interaction of the seafood and offshore renewable energy industries, to promote and share best practice, and to encourage liaison with other sectors in the marine environment.

The Working Group comprises representatives of the Irish seafood organisations, including the KFO, and also representatives from renewable energy groups (see Annex 1 below for a list of organisations). The Summary Guide is the output from the series of meetings of the Working Group over the past year and provides Offshore Renewable Energy projects and seafood stakeholders with guidance on how to engage and co-exist in a meaningful and constructive manner throughout the lifecycle of an ORE Project.

Central to the engagement is the recognition that ‘The seafood industry is a vital part of our economy and an established part of the existing culture of Ireland’s coastal communities‘ and that ‘early and ongoing engagement‘ between the sectors is essential.

Links to the full document and Annex are provided below

Seafood/ORE Engagement in Ireland – Summary Guide

Seafood ORE Engagement in Ireland – Summary Guide Annex 1