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New Jobs

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A site in Killybegs has been identified but the plant still has to go through the planning process and will be dependent on state aid to get established. Discussions on funding are ongoing. Mr Coveney said the facility could become a “game-changer in the seafood sector”.
“It will position Killybegs and Ireland as a global leader in supply and research around new products and benefits.”
It was made possible by Ireland getting a 70pc share of new EU quotas for boarfish, which would amount to 88,000 tonnes in 2014, he said.
KFO chief executive Sean O’Donoghue said Ireland could become a global leader in supply and research of new marine products and bring badly-needed jobs.
“With increasing food ingredient prices and a shortage of quality protein in the market, there is a significant opening in the market for the output which this new venture can deliver,” he said.
The Norwegian company has a lot of experience in the marine biotech area and the technical expertise to extract valuable ingredients from marine species including clean fish oil.
Boarfish contains some Omega 3 fish oils, the consumption of which is believed to be beneficial to heart and brain health.
The new facility would also be able to extract ingred- ients from other species, such as blue whiting.
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