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8th December  PRESS RELEASE

8th December  PRESS RELEASE

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KFO calls on
Minister Creed to ensure that the Commission’s proposed cuts for key Irish stocks are reversed at the
Fisheries Council next week
Up to 400 Jobs could be lost if Commission’s proposals are agreed 
Next Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of December the Council of Fisheries Ministers meets in Brussels to decide on the TACs and Quotas for 2017.   The KFO is calling on Minister Creed to ensure that  the Commission’s proposed cuts for certain key stocks are reversed or phased in over a period time up to 2020 as provided for in the new Common Fisheries Policy.   These cuts if adopted next week by the Council of Fisheries Ministers could result in up to 400 fulltime and part-time jobs losses in the fisheries sector and ancillaries services, resulting direct and indirect financial losses of approximately €23 million.
Sean O Donoghue CEO said:
“I am very concerned about the outcome of this year’s Fisheries Council particularly for certain demersal species (nephrops, haddock, monkfish, megrim and cod with cuts ranging from 9% for nephrops to 76% for cod) and pelagic species (horse mackerel 45% cut  and herring 17% cut) stocks of interest to Ireland.”   He added: “I recognise that when the state of the stock requires it there must be reductions in the fishing opportunities for particular stocks.   However it is my contention in relation to a number of the reductions proposed on our key stocks are both unjustifiable and unacceptable. For example the 9% cut in the nephrops quota our second most important economic stock after mackerel is at odds with the scientific advice which is recommending a 9% increase.  Furthermore the Commission’s proposals take no account of the socio-economic obligations enshrined in the CFP. The proposals only take account of the sustainability principles. If this had been done the proposed cuts in some of our key stocks would almost be eliminated or significantly reduced and I expect Minister Creed to take account of these missing factors from the Commission’s proposals during the Council next week. ”
The KFO expects as in previous years after the usual battles with other Member States that the Hague Preferences which sees Ireland and the UK getting elevated quotas for a number of key species when reductions are proposed, will be delivered.
The KFO with other Producer Organisations will be meeting Minister Creed and his advisers in Brussels on Sunday night next and on a regular basis during the Fisheries Council next week to support his endeavours to deliver for Ireland the best deal possible in terms of sustainable and economical viable fishing opportunities for 2017.
Contact Details:-
Sean O’Donoghue, CEO Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation    087 – 4196535 or  074 97 31089